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Episode 156: ??Spooktacular Science

In honor of Halloween, hosts Natalie, Lisl, and Scott go scientific trick or treating。 We find out whether or not the universe is expanding, if GMO crops are saving the world, and if the spectre Patient Zero truly spread a deadly disease to an entire continent。

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Goggles Optional Live Show: Apocalypses

This week Emily, Scott, and Lisl host our second ever live show, and discuss how humanity will eventually be wiped from the earth。

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Episode 146: Rabidly Mapping the Brain (GO Rebroadcast Episode 95)

How can we better understand the brain? By mapping it using rabies! Dr。 Kevin Beier joins hosts Nora, Emily, Tyler, and Ted to explain how mapping the human brain can improve our understanding of dopamine neurons。 Plus, Ted shares a breakthrough in superconductor technology and competes with Kevin in our weekly game show。

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Episode 145: The talk, the walk, and the stalk

Natalie, Chelsea, and Emily discuss THE ORIGINAL SILLY WALK, patented by Homo erectus, and why sunflowers are so aptly named (hint: it’s not because they’re yellow!). Plus, Emily brings you Olympic technology fun facts!

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Episode 137: All in the Blood: Modeling Menstruation and Curing Multiple Sclerosis

Join Lisl, Trisha, and Ted to learn all about menstruation in model(organism)s, how to name a new element, and how to cure multiple sclerosis by deleting the immune system.

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Episode 133: Beer Goggles Optional: Measuring the Movies, Microbes, Black Holes, and Human Evolution

Trisha, Nora, Scott, and Natalie have a beer and talk about science, as scientists are wont to do while drinking. Learn about Natalie’s research on human evolution, what’s up with the White House Initiative on the microbiome, and the connection between black holes and quantum mechanics.