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Episode 211: Ocean Science and AI Bias

Irena and both Nicoles talk about racial bias in facial recognition software and using RNA to estimate the time of death, and new host Amanda makes her debut to talk about new developments in ocean science!

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Episode 210: Bad Blood

This week, Nicole continues the conversation on curing cancer, but this time, with NANO-ROBOTS。 Derrick tells us about nasty parasites that are pitted against each other。 And Abhijit throws it back to some retro physics that is very much back in style。

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Episode 196 Rebroadcast: Hot and Cold

This week, Derrick, Marina, and Abhijit cover electron microscopy that’s so cool it’s worth a Nobel Prize and point out some gaps in our understanding of fluid dynamics in space. Plus, Nicole F makes her hosting debut with a segment on using the blockchain in healthcare.