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Episode 194: Concussions and Cold Condensates

Join Emily, Abhijit, and Marina for a discussion of why so many football players suffer from CTE and why NASA is sending a physics lab to space. Plus, a scientist spotlight on 2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Dr. Ada Yonath.

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Episode 193: GO Live!!!

Nicole MCs a live night of science fun and games on the Stanford Campus。 Chelsea talks quantum simulation, Derrick enlightens us about lightning, and Nora talks about crispy butterfries? No wait, that was CRISPR’d butterflies。 Thanks to all our Bay Area friends who came out!

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Episode 192: Meaty microbiomes and cuckoo calls

This week, Nicole connects the seasons, your diet, your microbiome, and your health, and Nora goes cuckoo for cuckoo calls。 Plus, Natalie does a Feature Follow Up on the development of CAR-T cancer treatments。

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Episode 191: Raining diamonds and curing cancer

This week, Derrick explains why it might rain diamonds on Neptune and Uranus, Emily covers three new developments in cancer therapy, and Nora answers some listener mail about lead in your dishes。

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格鲁竞技Episode 75 Rebroadcast: Robots Building a More Colorful (Fish-less) Future

A scientific adventure through the land of molecular legos, the dystopian oceans of the post-climate change future, and the colorful frontiers that may open to the colorblind after a new gene therapy treatment。