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Episode 134: Biotech gone bad

This week, GO is all about the screw ups of big biotech companies。 Join Diego, Nora, and Emily as we cover genome data fights, drug trial oversights, and an example of a delusional leader flying too high。

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Episode 133: Beer Goggles Optional: Measuring the Movies, Microbes, Black Holes, and Human Evolution

Trisha, Nora, Scott, and Natalie have a beer and talk about science, as scientists are wont to do while drinking. Learn about Natalie’s research on human evolution, what’s up with the White House Initiative on the microbiome, and the connection between black holes and quantum mechanics.

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Episode 132: DNA Data Download

Do you need a better and more science-inspired way to store your cat photos? Feeling lonely as an Earthling in a galaxy devoid of other life forms? Need a reason to stop hating insects? Chelsea, Nora, and Scott have you covered.