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Episode 95: Rabidly mapping the brain

How can we better understand the brain? By mapping it using rabies! Dr. Kevin Beier joins hosts Nora, Emily, Tyler, and Ted to explain how mapping the human brain can improve our understanding of dopamine neurons. Plus, Ted shares a breakthrough in superconductor technology and competes with Kevin in our weekly game show.

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格鲁竞技Episode 94: Beer Goggles and Space Lettuce

In a hilarious episode of Beer Goggles Optional, Dave, Scott, Ted, and Natalie discuss how to travel in space for a long, long time. What foods would we eat? How can we protect ourselves from the dangerous rays? And most importantly, how do we do it in space? It may involve Space Lettuce.

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Episode 93: Feel the Burn

This week, Diego, Nora, Emily, and Trisha pump you up about science! Learn how to burn fat to make fat burn calories, how mussels get their strength, and how activating and inhibiting neurons is like going to a club with a laser show。