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Episode 59: Charlie, the Smoking Chimp

Can smoking actually cause you to be come less of a man? Our hosts Diego, Lisl, Nora, and Ted explore how smoking can cause men to lose the Y chromosome. Plus, Lisl shares stories from animals self-medicating, and our physicists Ted and Nora tells us how to build a fuel cell using graphene.

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Episode 58: Black hole cats

格鲁竞技Dave, Trisha, Chelsea, and Greg are joined by Dr。 Yula Paluy, a social psychologist who studies conflict resolution。 Discover how sending funny cat pictures can help resolve difficult conflicts between people and groups。 Plus, Greg and Chelsea teaches us how to build a black hole whirlpool that can capture Captain Jack Sparrow。

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Episode 57: Geckos Optional

Trisha, Diego, Lisl, and Nora shares how other Stanford scientists are designing gecko-like pads that enables people to walk up buildings. Yes, just like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Plus, how did cucumbers get so tasty? And our hosts reveal the secrets of sex… for queen termites.