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Episode 56: Beer Gobbles Optional

Goggles Optional celebrates Turkey day with a special Beer Gobbles Optional! Join hosts Diego, Lisl, and Greg plus writers Ted, Kat, and Kosh as they have a free flowing discussion over tasty beverages。 Topics include: how should you microwave your Thanksgiving leftovers, why bird migration is like college, how superconductors work, is science becoming open access, and why paper towels are superior to blow dryers。

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Episode 55: Black Holes and Banana Phones

Dave, Diego, and Emily query physicist Greg on our top 10 science-ish questions surrounding Christopher Nolan’s new movie “Interstellar.” Learn the difference between wormholes and black holes, how time can actually slow down, and why the robots in the movie looked so cheesy? Plus, how cell phones may be used to predict population movements and Emily compares bacteria memory formation to killing hydras.

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格鲁竞技Episode 54: Jamming colon cancer!

Trisha, Chelsea, Greg, and Diego are joined by Dr. HoJoon Lee, an expert in colon cancer. Our hosts and HoJoon explore how big data and genetics are helping us identify the drivers of this disease. Plus, how bats can jam each other’s signals and one of the steamiest game shows ever.